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Welcome to the website of accounting, consulting and translation company “Dolly Blue” Ltd.

Thank you for your interest in us and our website. It is designed to facilitate maximum contact and our communication with you – our customers!

“Dolly Blue” Ltd. was founded in 2014. A team of young ambitious and highly qualified specialists and experts with extensive experience in accounting, taxation and law, as well as in various professional fields of business!


Our priorities

Our priorities

• To provide high quality and at reasonable price accounting and consulting services;
• Be flexible and adaptable in today’s dynamic changes of legislation in Bulgaria;
• To work with an individual and unique approach towards each client;
• Be accurate, fair and adequate;
• To ensure safety and security for our customers;
• To provide timely information to facilitate business management and decision making;
• To protect the interests of the client;
• To save the client’s time.




Accounting and consulting firm “Dolly Blue” Ltd. offers a full range of services in three languages: Bulgarian, English and Turkish!

Our company works with reputable external and proven consultants in the field of taxation, finance, law and consulting!

For us our clients’ interests are most important!




Payroll Calculations




Full subscription accounting and consulting services to companies


• Based on current accounting, we prepare business analysis.

• Monthly consultation to the company’s financial results and their tax obligations.

• Tax and accounting planning for development of the company – customer.

• Commercial transactions and contracts;
• Contract Law;
• Company Law;
• Mergers and acquisitions;
• Bankruptcy;
• Real estate;
• Administrative Law;
• Intellectual property;
• Legal representation.

We will perform the appropriate payroll calculations (including data on salaries, bonuses and other irregular payments, sick leave, deductions, etc.) in line with your procedures for coordinating permanent employee data, such as:
• Processing variable monthly payroll information;
• Рeflect changes in the files of employees in the payroll software;
• Organize a monthly calculation based on gross / net pay, social security and health, personal tax, etc.
• Оrganize the payment of salaries and other payroll related payments through internet banking or by preparing written instructions.
Once we process the input, our payroll accountants can:
• prepare and submit all required reports, statements and declarations required by law;
• prepare reports and summaries (gross / net pay of employees, insurance and taxes on items, etc.);
• establish specific management accounts (as defined cost centers and departments).

• Conduct all necessary inspections by the tax administration.

• Representation of the company with the tax division in all the occasions – information arising from cases and controls needed.

We will represent your company to the National Revenue Agency during tax audits and cross-checks, and thus will assist in building a more structured image of your business to the tax administration.

Together we will create and implement a plan on the tax revision and will participate in discussions and disputes with tax authorities.

• We offer express translations and legalization from and to 30 languages and without limitation in the types of texts (legal, accounting, legal, financial, technical, medical, etc.). The company has professional translators specializing in different types of translations, depending on the specifics of individual sectors and areas.
• They provide technically accurate and corresponding to the market requirements translations. Our translators have years of experience and training;

• Our company is authorized for this activity to the section “Consular Relations” Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria through a contract signed on 19.01.2012.

• We engage with certifications in all state institutions and foreign embassies in the Republic of Bulgaria.

• For clients whose work involves handling a large volume of documents we offer special conditions for admission and other discounts.

• We have all modern forms of communication and technical support operations related to our work. Therefore we are able to fulfill our contracts awarded with a maximum speed and quality, compliant with the requirements for business correspondence adopted in our country and the world.

• Translation of web sites, brochures, menus and promotional materials.

CONSULT 2006 Ltd. offers all services related to the performance of customers to the customs authorities.
• Consultations on export control
• Customs agency for all customs regimes
• Development and endorsement of certificates of origin
• Customs clearance
• Collateral arrangements “transit”.

On preliminary request our customs agents are available daily from 9:00 to 18:00 pm.
Necessary documents for submission to the Bulgarian Customs

• Power of Attorney on a form
• Certificate, tax registration and BULSTAT
• All necessary import permits
• Copies of supporting documents
• Any additional documents required by the customs

• Power of Attorney on a form
• Certificate, tax registration and BULSTAT
• Documents of origin of goods / preceding document
• Certificate of dual-use
• Copies of supporting documents
• Any additional documents required by the customs

• Ongoing processing of incoming and outgoing accounts in accordance with National Accounting Standards (NAS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS) in the preparation of tax returns, insurance, payment documents and data for the National Revenue Agency (NRA), trial balances;
• Rapid development of payroll wages and benefits, and implementation of all activities related to management of staff and persons employed under labor and civil relations;
• Taking stock of goods and materials;
• Accounting for VAT under the Law on Value Added Tax, preparation and submission of monthly VIES statements, charging taxes and fees – under the Law on Value Added Tax, Law on Income Tax of Individuals, Law on Corporate Income Tax and Local Taxes and Fees Act;
• Provide timely information and advice for the implementation of optimal accounting policies and compliance with current tax legislation, labor – legal and insurance advice; • Tax protection and participation and performance of tax audits;
• Preparation of annual and interim financial statements;
• Provide certification audit of the Annual Financial Report (AFR) by a registered auditor;
• Fixed assets – filing, preparation of amortization plans, charging depreciation, inventories, periodic assessments and statistical reports;
• Additional accounting services, based on specific customer requirements.

• Accounting classification and accounting records and preparation and submission of annual financial statements and trial balances;

• Preparation and submission of consolidated annual financial statements;

• Preparation of annual tax returns under the Law on Income Tax of Individuals and the Law on Corporate Income Tax by an accountant;

• Preparation and submission of annual statistical forms for National Statistics Institute;

Satisfied customers
Serviced companies
Managed funds
€140 000 000

Internship programs

Accounting company Dolly Blue Ltd. has set itself the aim to attract, train and put into the actual accounting practice economic students and young professionals. This is done through internships at the company full or part time working hours, at a convenient time for the trainee.

Our experience shows that this is the best way young people understand the practical application of the theory utilized in universities and to become familiar with actual case studies and solutions from real practice. Of great importance for trainees is also the full software security of Dolly Blue Ltd. in accounting, finance and taxes.

If you are interested in our internship program, we will be glad if you send an e-mail to: with your CV and a recent photograph. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss development opportunities that our company can offer.


We in Dolly Blue. are open to continuous development of the team of experts we work with. The need for new recruits is growing daily. This is a natural effect of increasing the number of our customers and the economic development of Bulgaria as an EU member. If you are interested, please send your CV and recent photograph to e-mail:  and within 3 working days we will contact you to discuss possible job offer in our team. Confidentiality is guaranteed!